Use landscape lighting to transform your property’s presentation.

GPL Landscaping has in-house qualified landscape and lighting designers that can assist you in creating a custom landscape lighting system to accent your property’s unique features and to create breathtaking views of your landscape. Whether you are a commercial or a residential property owner, GPL Landscaping’s landscape lighting designers have the skills and expertise to enhance your property’s landscape.

Landscape lighting is a valuable asset for several reasons:

  • Increases safety and security
  • Expands outdoor living and entertainment spaces
  • Compliments curb appeal
  • Increases real estate value


Landscape lighting casts a glow to fixed structures, highlights trees, and illuminates walkways. Consider how different styles of lighting fixtures, different bulb colors, and different types of light can diversify and can enhance the presentation of your property. Our designers can show you how landscape lighting can be used to add to a property’s dramatic flare or subdued class; the transformative effects of landscape lighting are endless. No matter what finished effect you are trying to achieve, lighting helps your landscape make a statement. Create new textures and enhance the appeal of your outdoor living space with landscape lighting. Consult with our lighting designers to get a complete idea of lighting options as well as installation and maintenance options.