Top 3 Things to Look for in a Commercial Landscaping Company Proposal
28 February 2017

Top 3 Things to Look for in a Commercial Landscaping Company Proposal

Last month, we talked about the importance of HOAs, COAs, and other businesses using a request for proposal or RFP to find the right commercial landscaping company for you. We also shared tips on crafting a successful RFP. Now it’s time to cover what you need to look for in a commercial landscaping company proposal.

Make Sure the Scope of Work Lines Up with the Budget

Even though there are other variables that are important for you, landscaping companies also realize that cost of services is something that will play a pretty big role in whether or not you hire them. This means that some companies will significantly underestimate the cost of their services in order to land the contract.

When reviewing the proposal, make sure that:

·         The scope of work lines up with the budget.

·         The budget is realistic for the scope of work.

·         Enough personnel have been included in the budget.

The line-item budget should also match the budget justification. Compare proposals from different companies; if one seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Both Company and Personnel are Licensed, Insured, Qualified, & Certified

It goes without saying that current proof of licensure and insurance are musts for when hiring a commercial landscaping company. Information that is missing, outdated, or questionable should be a red flag.

In addition to being licensed and insured, a good commercial landscaping company will hold professional affiliations. Landscape association memberships are good to look for as these indicate that the company abides by a set of industry standards.

Lastly, aim to hire a company that employs personnel who have years of experience as well as specialized qualifications, degrees, and certifications. These qualifications vary but show that your company has staff who have specialized knowledge about using pesticides, installing lighting, maintaining irrigation systems, etc.

The Company Includes a Specific Scope of Work

A good commercial landscaping company will provide a detailed scope of work as part of the proposal. A strong applicant will avoid vague language or commitments and will specify what tasks will be performed and at what intervals. They will explain what services are “extras” and what services (ex: seasonal enhancements) are included with basic services (ex: mowing lawns, edging, trimming, etc.).

If you find a good candidate and are interested in services not mentioned in the scope of work, it’s okay to contact them to get specifics on the cost and commitment for such services; that enables you to have a clear picture of how the company will work for you.

Other things that you should look for in a commercial landscaping company’s proposal are detailed contact information, overall responsiveness (did they provide the information you requested) and overall cleanliness and presentation of the proposal. A late, sloppy proposal doesn’t necessarily reflect that the company’s work will be inconsistent, but a clean, well-written proposal shows that the company cares about presentation, which in your commercial landscaper is an important quality to possess.

If you have a property in the South Walton Beach area and are looking for commercial landscape maintenance services, contact us, GPL Landscaping for a quote as well as to learn more about our many professional services.



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