14 February 2017

Landscape Upgrades You’ll Love

Valentine’s Day is considered the holiday of amore, which makes this February the perfect time to indulge yourself with (or to start planning) some landscape upgrades that will make you fall in love all over again with your property. These upgrades (great for residential or commercial properties) not only enhance the attractiveness of your landscape, but they also help to boost the property value (talk about having more to love!).

Treat Yourself to Trees

The truth about trees on a landscape is that they enhance the value. The caveat, of course, is that trees need to be mature. If you know you’re going to stay put for a while, get young trees and watch them grow. You can also invest in mature trees. Consider investing in something exotic that does well in the region you live in that will enhance your enjoyment of your property.  For example, for those of us on the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast, palm trees are lovely landscape enhancements that do well in the local climate.

Light the Outside with Love

You may not spend much time outside on your property at night, but if you upgrade your landscape’s lighting, you might find a reason to start loving the nightlife (in your own backyard). A lighting upgrade will not only boost your property’s safety and security, but you’ll also enhance its nighttime curb appeal and overall function. There are multiple styles of outdoor lighting to choose from such as lanterns, spotlights, pathway lights, and more that will make your property more livable and valuable.

The Road to Romance is Paved with Hardscape Upgrades

Hardscape upgrades are attractive, sustainable, and they improve the performance of your property. Whether you add a flagstone-paved walkway or pathway around the backyard, a stone retaining wall or fence, a fountain, a bench, or a driveway liner, you are elevating the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Not only are hardscape upgrades good-looking, but they also add to your property’s value. Hardscapes are easy to clean and to maintain; they don’t have to be replaced nearly as often as softscapes. If you know what you want but aren’t sure how to implement it, consult a landscape designer (so your new landscape look to love is entirely stress free).

So, this year, skip the typical treats associated with Valentine’s Day and instead indulge your senses implementing landscape upgrades you’ll not only love but that will also add aesthetic and monetary value to your property.

Want a landscape that you’ll fall in love with more and more year after year? If so, contact GPL Landscaping. Our residential and commercial landscape design and installation experts can help you create and install a landscape worthy of adoration.



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