07 February 2017

The Importance of Irrigation Expertise

Having an irrigation system installed in the common areas of your HOA or commercial property or on your private residential property is essential for distributing water to your plants and lawn; however, even with an irrigation system, you can over or underwater. Making irrigation part of your landscape management plan will ensure your irrigation system does what it’s supposed to do for your property’s landscape.

What Does an Irrigation Maintenance Expert Do?

It’s easy to assume that irrigation maintenance only applies to fixing broken pipes or sprinkler heads, to replacing worn parts, or perhaps to resetting the timer; however, there is much more that goes into irrigation maintenance.

Irrigation maintenance is probably the most important part of landscape management because too much or too little water results in dead or sodden lawns, poor growth, the proliferation of weeds and disease and other ailments. Having an expert manage your irrigation system means that your landscape gets the right quantity of watering at the right times of day. Additionally:

  • Specialists know which types of sprinkler heads to install in which locations throughout your landscape; there are several styles of sprinkler heads that perform a variety of functions.
  • Specialists know how to set your irrigation system so that heads water desired areas of the landscape and not streets, sidewalks, or visitors to the property.
  • Specialists know how to set the irrigation system’s timing so that it waters at the right time of day throughout the year. What’s more, they can monitor weather systems and adjust the system based on any unpredictable weather patterns or problems.

By being able to set your irrigation system up and maintain its operations so that everything is optimal for your landscape, they are also saving you money by not over-watering or having to run the system more to make up for under-watering. In addition to saving you money, they are also saving the environment by not wasting natural resources.

Irrigation Experts Have Specialized Skills

Irrigation experts even know how to factor in evaporation and microclimate conditions into managing your landscape. For example, if your HOA has an abundance of shady or exceptionally sunny common areas, an expert can make adjustments to the irrigation system that will ensure each area gets the optimal attention for its condition. Not every organization’s landscape management team has specialists who possess these specialized skillsets, which is why it is important that when you hire a landscape maintenance company, whether for residential or commercial services, you inquire about their knowledge and expertise relative to these important aspects of irrigation maintenance.

At GPL Landscaping, we are privileged to have one of the best irrigation teams in Northwest Florida.  With over 109 years of combined irrigation experience, this team has installed and managed everything from the old hydraulic irrigation systems to state of the art irrigation systems. 

By entrusting your irrigation needs to a landscape maintenance company, such as GPL, that has the special knowledge, experience, and skills related to targeted irrigation maintenance, you guarantee that your landscape’s lawn and plants receive the nutrition they need in perfect measure.

Irrigation management should be an important consideration when you look to hire a commercial or residential landscape maintenance company. Irrigation maintenance is one of the many services offered by us at GPL Landscaping. Contact us to learn more.



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