20 December 2016

Commercial Landscape Enhancement Project: Luau at Sandestin

If you’re a commercial property owner whose condominium or beach house or other property is used as a rental, then you know how important landscape enhancement is. Keeping your property fresh, stylish, and updated is essential for ensuring visitors come and keep coming back year round. See what we did at the Luau in Sandestin to see what goes into enhancing a rental investment.

Taking the Time to do a Quality Landscape Enhancement Job

Like most major landscape projects, landscape enhancement is a marathon, not a spring. For the past year and a half, GPL Landscaping provided both landscape maintenance and landscape enhancement project services to the Luau Condominium located on the south side of the posh Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.

Matching the Property’s Style

Conveniently located with beachfront views, the Luau Beach Resort provides access to 15 tournament tennis courts, 19 swimming pools, and the Sandestin golf course. In short, the Luau is a slice of paradise where guests’ every need is met. GPL Landscaping’s job in enhancing the landscape was to ensure that the setting matched the accommodations, the luxury, and the lifestyle expected from a stay at the Luau.

Making Enhancements in the Right Places

To improve the existing landscapes and hardscapes, GPL Landscaping completed work in / on the following areas of the Luau:

  • Main entrance and round about
  • Around the parking garage
  • Condominium tours
  • Bed overlooking the pool
  • Hot tub area
  • Ornamental water feature
  • Lazy river

These are all high-traffic areas where renters and residents relax, so it was essential that the enhancements not only worked for the area but that also maintained the Luau’s relaxing tropical style.

Choosing the Right Materials to Match the Property’s Style

As a company with extensive experience enhancing commercial landscapes, GPL Landscaping believes in the importance of using local plants and trees as these tend to perform better and to last longer in a landscape. While everything requires maintenance, they won’t be as demanding as plants and trees that are nonindigenous. For this project, we used the following to enhance the landscape:

  • Extensive additions of ligustrum, viburnum, and podcarpus shrubs along with camellias and bottlebrush, nandina, plumbagos, drift roses, and mulhy grass. This combination of shrubbery, flowering plants, and ornamental grasses created a dynamic, layered visual that refreshed the landscape and added interest.
  • We added tropical pindo palms, coontie palms, African iris, and canna lilies. These enhancements fit with the Luau’s tropical resort-style theme.

GPL Landscaping also adjusted and added irrigation to the resort. We finished the job with vibrant Biotic Environmental Solutions (BES) colored longleaf pine straw in shrub bed areas. Our experience has shown that BES pine straw is an attractive, long-lasting, environmentally sustainable shrub bed solution.

Planning Your Commercial Landscape Enhancement

When you’re ready to update your commercial property or rental investments, then it’s important to find a dedicated landscaping company that has experience working with entities of your size. Always ask to see a portfolio and for references from previous clients. You’ll want to collaborate to come up with a plan for enhancement and maintenance so that the property remains functional and attractive during the enhancement process.

If you live in the South Walton Beach area and are looking to enhance your commercial or rental investment property, then dial 850.424.6701 or click this link to contact us, GPL Landscaping, to learn more about what we can do to update and improve your landscape’s softscapes and hardscapes. Let us be your trusted landscape partner.



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