16 August 2016

Commercial Landscape Maintenance: The GPL Way

Commercial property owners have a lot on their mind, which is why many hire commercial landscape maintenance companies. If you are thinking of hiring a partner to manage your commercial landscape, there are a few things you should ask and be certain of before you commit.

As a commercial entity, your main concerns related to a professional landscape maintenance company are finding someone who’s reliable, provides quality work, and can address the needs of your landscape and hardscapes. Whether you are a single business front, a town center, a hotel, a condominium, an HOA neighborhood, a resort, a golf course, or a municipality, what you need when it comes to commercial landscape maintenance services is a committed business partner.

What Commercial Properties Look for in Landscape Maintenance

Specifically, what you want is an accessible company with employees who –whether they are in the field or the office, all take pride of ownership in the work that they do for your property. GPL Landscaping’s team beams with pride and passion; these are key reasons that GPL Landscaping is among the best in the field of commercial landscape management on the Emerald Coast. We call this goal to give every client our very best “the GPL Way”.

What You Should Get Out of Your Commercial Property Landscape Contractor

When it comes to selecting a commercial landscaping contractor, you should ensure that the company you agree to partner with guarantees the following:

  • They understand your landscape is an asset
  • They have an experienced, highly-trained, and well-educated team with clear leadership in place
  • They have a proven track record of success and can provide quality references
  • They have the manpower and quality of equipment requisite for managing your property
  • They employ polite, neatly uniformed employees who are experts in their positions
  • They are responsive to you and are quick and efficient when working with you
  • They are attentive to detail in the field and in the office (billing, proposals, etc.)
  • They are licensed and insured to protect your business and customers or visitors
  • They have safety programs in place and written guidelines for procedures to which they adhere to daily

Additionally, the company’s portfolio and capabilities should be on par with your needs. You should also have a solid rapport with the company; after all, you are going to be partnering with them, and their landscape maintenance work is going to be a significant aspect of your organization’s presentation.

Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance Contract

Once you’ve found a company with people that you like and that provides the quality of work you desire for a rate that works for you, you should ask some important questions before committing. These questions include:

  • What properties do you currently maintain comparable to our property?
  • What kind of references will your current customers give to us when we call?
  • Can you tell us about your management team and how they operate?
  • What kind of specialists do you have on staff? Ask about a horticulturist, an agronomist, and an arborist.
  • Can you describe your management staff (including operations manager, your irrigation manager, account manager)? What are their qualifications, experience, and on-going training?
  • Are your lawn and ornamental chemical services provided in-house, or do you use a subcontractor?

Your goal is to ensure that your maintenance team is well-informed, highly qualified, and accessible. The reality is that your property will likely be one of many that the company you hire manages. It’s important that they have the experience and knowledge base to handle all of the daily responsibilities related to your landscape regardless of size.

How GPL Manages Commercial Properties

At GPL Landscaping, our definition of success is keeping your property looking its very best. Our belief is that you have other things to worry about; your landscape should not be one of them.

GPL is a locally-owned and operated company in the Destin area. We have been in business for over 10 years and are a leader in the community who gives back to the community throughout the year. We abide by our own advice when it comes to managing commercial properties and guarantee fast, reliable, respectful, quality service all day every day because that’s “the GPL Way.”

When you are ready for a commercial landscape maintenance consultation for your property give “the GPL Way” a try; contact GPL Landscaping on our website or over the phone at (850) 424-6701.



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